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The honey counter is a family business created in 1987 by Anne Sella.
Our close collaboration for 30 years with our beekeeper colleagues allows us to offer up to 50 varieties of honeys, mostly harvested in France … good years. The scarcity of French crops has also pushed us to offer more « exotic » honeys, such as lemon, carob, lychee, or manu, for the pleasure of our taste buds!

Our history



They are all rigorously selected before packing.

Our palette expands from year to year, but becomes scarce with the seasons. Vintage honeys are often in limited harvest and you will not find them throughout the year. Know how to enjoy it at the right time.
Push the door of our family business, to enjoy other products from the hive.

It is with pleasure that we also offer them for tasting in our outlets below.